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Sustainability has been a key driver in food and drink packaging long before the Covid-19 pandemic, and will continue to be a focus for most manufacturers and brands well into the future. As the mandrel turns, a high-resolution laser measures the landscape, helping focus the 3-D camera below. The basket drawer slides all the way out, so you can easily grab exactly what you need. If your coffee station is a bit unruly, then you may appreciate this coffee pod drawer that can also support coffee makers of various shapes and sizes. The seal seam width for thermoformed packs is usually 5mm. By reducing this to 3mm, significant savings can be made in the area of film required to produce the pack. To ensure that a high level of output and pack quality is achieved, the edge strips must have a minimum width. By utilising innovative machine technology – for example, a new, future-proof thermoforming packaging machine – the edge strips required for guiding the film through the machine can be reduced from approximately 19.5mm to 15mm without compromising the packaging procedure.

Some car owners can be known to see their vehicle as an object of passion and pride and consequently, they would not be seen in a less than pristine vehicle. The stunning object was discovered in the grounds of Castern Hall, also known as Casterne Hall, in February 2018 and it’s been at the British Museum for most of the time since. Our featured auction this week is Sworders’ annual Out of the Ordinary sale on February 11, featuring a selection of unique and downright weird decorative objects from around the world. This brilliant roll-up dish rack creates drying space literally out of thin air. This set of three planters creates a clean, minimalist style for your houseplants, and they look so much more expensive than they actually are. I was offered a behind-the-scenes look as judges at the Solanco and Ephrata fairs evaluated food submissions and offered advice on the many dos and don’ts that apply to creating a winning entry.

On the day of the competition, all eyes were riveted on the judges whose reactions were in line with the kerosene description. What are the food judges looking for and evaluating and what makes a winning entry? Folks take their food seriously and on the periphery, there’s always that reoccurring question: what makes for a strong fair entry? Fair season is back! We’re in too deep to turn back. With a deep swallow, I rise back to my feet and turn away. Next, it’s Matthew’s turn to thank his nephew and bid him adieu. You can set these motion sensor lights to turn on with a switch, or whenever movement is detected within a 15 foot radius. “Little added details like wax seals can really elevate your wedding stationery across the board,” she says. One-of-a-kind flair is the name of the game for Christy Townsend, founder of bespoke stationery company The Paper Vow. When asked to name their favorite episode, fans of The Andy Griffith Show often point to The Pickle Story.

For her 12th try at creating the perfect pickle for the county fair, she was determined to beat the perennial winner, Clara Johnson, who just happened to be her best friend. Loaded with tons of tourist spots, entertainment activities and nicest Bangkok hotels the city seems to be the perfect destination for spending a unique holiday. Aunt Bee, of course, was known as an excellent cook – except when it came to making pickles! With each test run, Andy, Opie and Barney Fife were invited to critique the resulting pickles. “I’m kind of addicted. In the scans, the supposed mold appears as a kind of spider web on the screen, with hairline cracks scattered over a section. Tidal glacial systems, like those Muir visited, also function as a climatic financial system accumulating, saving and redistributing precipitation over decades and centuries. The interplay of light and ice have been a source of delight for countless tourists in the years since, but few have conveyed this with the skill of Muir.

Ice meets fire, and ice wins; the fireball dissolves midair into steam. With conventional paper or plastic interleaving systems, the placement of the paper or plastic typically requires a lengthy set-up time, and can often result in imperfect pack presentation. I have a good buddy who swears he will never buy another chest freezer after investing in an upright model, as he can easily find his game without getting elbows deep in chunks of frozen meat. Without getting too technical, let’s provide the short-version answer: Freezer burn is when moisture from meat evaporates and oxygen reaches your meat, causing dehydration. The number of protein processors offering pre-sliced products is an expanding market in the UK – from sliced cheese and meat to alternative proteins such as plant-based, vegan or vegetarian. This is a common practice already adopted by industries that produce sticky items such as bakery products or sweets. For example, thermoformed packaging is usually a popular choice when producing pre-sliced products. For example, a full-wrap label combined with a board tray offers an end-pack that not only improves recyclability and reduces plastic content but also ensures high stability, stackability and no condensation of the product inside.

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