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The real estate boom will continue because boomers demand home ownership, real estate has worked in their past, and they will find ways to make it work for their lifestyle demands of the future. The US Dollar has fallen against the EURO by 11% since July 2003. For real estate buyers spending EURO, an 11% rise in second home prices is invisible. Now that he is invested in The US, he will hope for the Dollar to rise again before he sells and disfraces en pareja repatriates his Dollar profits to Euros. Will appreciation rates revert to the 30 year mean of 5% (or below) when interest rates rise? Real estate values have risen due to the low ‘cost of capital’ since 1998.scary girl costumes Certainly low rates have added fuel to the speculative fires of real estate investors, and froth has been created by easy money. This effect on real estate values is beginning to show up in single family suburbia through out the industrial and middle western states. Most (88 percent) of the nation’s population growth between 2000 and 2030 would occur in the South and West, which would be home to the 10 fastest-growing states over the period.

This is a generation that has spent 5 days a week building up frequent flyer mileage perks, a 2 days at home. Even in Japan where savings is a national virtue, the baby boomer generation grossly out spends the previous (WWII) generation. If just 10% of the European & Japanese boomers choose the USA, velvet wave cap our population could increase by 13 million or nearly 900,000 higher net worth boomer retirees per year. Luckily the boomer generation is adapt at innovation and leverage. Floods the likes no other generation has ever experienced except for the flood of Noah’s day. I said loudly and clearly to myself each day “I believe, I believe, I believe”. In an age when our media pines over our trade deficit, we need to recognize our unique export in which we truly have a competitive advantage – our lifestyle. Bandana Durags Over the next 15 years, 291 boomers will reach retirement age and demand new residence options to fit an active, luxurious lifestyle.

For thousands of years, the Pillars of Hercules marked the end of the earth for people living in the Mediterranean region. It was all about the “bad” call made by coach Pete Carroll and not the great play in the end zone by an unknown cornerback named Malcolm Butler. scary girl costumes 1 Million in 2010, unless you found one of those great deals that everyone is talking about (but very few actually find). How many boomers want to retire to a hotel room for a few months every year? If the condo hotel unit owner decides to use his suite for the entire high season, he can erode much of its income potential. Can this luxury be afford to the 76.5% of less wealthy boomers? Boomers are not about to change their lifestyle dramatically in retirement. Or that the Patriots are cheaters and that’s why they won the game without giving any examples as to what they could have done that illegally gained them enough of an edge to win the game.

Before Super bowl XLIX, I had many heated conversations with Seahawks fans about who would win. That my friends, is what real true sports fans are and should be in every city in every situation. Real fans start looking at the rosters, coaches, management etc. and begin to look at their own teams to see what is wrong and what can be done to fix it. What will retirement look like for Baby Boomers? The line to ride was rather long, so I began to look around. I could go on and on, but the bottom line is this. America should be marketing our rich lifestyle to the world’s boomers, borders are disappearing, why not live in the greatest nation on earth? It is important to note that the size and scale of these loans are not as large (or bad) as the sub-prime loans that began the mortgage meltdown mess.

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