2019 Munich Shanghai Electronics Manufacturing Equipment Exhibition, Elant Technology is looking forward to your visit!



       The 2019 Munich Shanghai Electronic Production Equipment Exhibition was held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from March 20th to 22nd, from robotics, SMT surface mount technology, electronic manufacturing automation, motion control, wire harness processing, dispensing injection, to Soldering solders, electronic chemicals, EMS, and printed electronics, productronica China will present cutting-edge technology and application solutions that lead the modern electronics industry. At the same time, electronica China will host a scale of 85,000 square meters. It is expected that the number of exhibitors will exceed 1,500, and the number of visitors at home and abroad will reach 85,000.

Focusing on the core theme of “intelligence” in innovation, the exhibition will bring together leading electronics manufacturing companies to help Chinese electronics manufacturing companies leap from traditional automation to fully interconnected and flexible systems with global vision, ideas and technologies. Smart factory."


三分时时彩计划        The 2019 Munich Shanghai Electronic Production Equipment Exhibition was held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from March 20th to 22nd, 2019. At that time, Allant Technology will exhibit the classic hot X-RAY-HT100 see-through inspection equipment and X-ray component counting machine-DL1000 inspection equipment at booth C32, Hall C3.

三分时时彩计划 Here, we invite you to visit and negotiate!


X-RAY HT100 perspective inspection equipment


三分时时彩计划 X-RAY HT100 fluoroscopy equipment is mainly used for quality inspection of lithium batteries, BGA, CSP, flip chip, LED, semiconductor internal, multi-layer circuit boards and castings, and can quickly and clearly detect the welding condition of the circuit board. Quality inspection of the production process and quality inspection after rework. HT includes a working platform based on the Windows system platform, and is equipped with a variety of image acquisition functions, enabling image acquisition and analysis. The X-RAY HT100 perspective inspection device fully embodies the perfect concept of easy to use, clear image and reasonable price in ELT design.


X-ray component counting machine - DL1000 testing equipment


三分时时彩计划       X-ray component counting machine - DL1000 testing equipment is the world's first chip counting device using X-ray. The ERP system is docked, and the number of chips can be checked in real time, quickly and easily by using the conveyor belt, saving labor costs and improving the efficiency of inventory management. It can check the number of reel and chips of various types, from 180mm small general chip roll to 380mm large multi-type chip roll to automatically check the quantity. The perfect conveyor belt for the two Safety Lock devices, sealed in an X-ray-free environment, approved by the Agency for the design and manufacture of the Agency.

At that time, welcome new and old customers to visit the booth of the 35th booth of the Alantech booth at the C3 Hall!

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