Shenzhen Ailante Technology Co., Ltd. participated in the 15th China Foundry Association Annual Meeting with high-resolution X-ray non-destructive flaw detector

     On March 10-12, 2019, Shenzhen Ailante Technology participated in the 15th China Foundry Association Annual Meeting held in Shanghai Sanjiagang Greenland Platinum School / Platinum Hotel. The annual meeting "coordinated the construction of green casting supply chain" As the theme, we invite political, economic, and production circles to interpret the operation mode of the foundry industry under the management of green supply chain, focusing on macroeconomics, environmental protection intelligence, lean production, and high-quality development.

 High-resolution X-ray non-destructive flaw detector independently developed by Shenzhen Elite Technology, which is widely used in the testing of aluminum alloy die-casting and steam wheel hub industry. It has fast detection speed and comprehensive inspection. It is an important part of production and quality control in related industries. . With the progress of science and technology, X-ray inspection technology is constantly improving, providing safer and more efficient non-destructive testing equipment for various industries.




Strict attention to the quality of castings is not only a reflection of the high-quality production services of enterprises, but also a favorable guarantee for the safety of industrial production. Strengthening the inspection of casting quality to ensure the quality of casting production is the key to ensuring the sustainable development of China's casting industry.

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